Vans Pool Party 2017
News 16 May 2017 1 min read

Vans Pool Party 2017

Steve Caballero Caballerialing into 1st. Photo: Swift

If you didn't get to see the Pool Party either in person on online, there's a ton of coverage of it out there whether it be a website or social media. Here's what we put together to add to what's already floating around in cyberspace.

Special congratulations to Steve Cab on his win in the Legends and Tom Schaar on his win in the Pro comp. Congrats to all that made finals and especially to Pro-Tec riders, Bucky Lasek, Kiko Franscico in pros, Christian Hosoi in the Legends and Lincoln Ueda in Masters.

Lance Mountain and Steve Caballero share 1st place - Photo: Swift

Christian Hosoi Lien Judo- photo: Swift

Bucky Lasek Switch Backside Air - Photo: Swift

Kiko Francisco Backside Ollie - Photo: Swift