The Performance Blend: Introduced a year ago, the T1 has quickly earned a reputation as one of the best goggles in the industry. Its lightweaight frame was designed for a low profile medium fit, but offers the expanded peripheral vision of a much larger frame. You will notice the seamless fit and expanded vision field the moment you put it on. Dye integrated quick clips for a frameless look and easy lens changing, leaving the perimeter of the frame onobstructed for 360 venting that provides exceptional breathability with zero blow-through.

  • Referring to the 4 clips surrounding the frame of the T1 and T1 Youth — Quick Clips enable fast, easy lens changing on the fly. Start with the nose and work your way from bottom to top.
  • Venting is engineered for maximum beathability with zero blow through. Allowing hot air to exit out of the top, while fresh air enters through the side and base.
  • The Hinge on each side of the frame evenly distributes pressur across your face for improved comfort, and additional optimized helmet integration, while maintaining open peripheral vision and 360° venting.